iOS 17: How to Delete Text Message on iPhone Easily

Deleting a text message on your iPhone can be done in just a few taps. Whether you’re cleaning up your inbox or getting rid of a message you no longer need, iOS 17 makes it simple. Just open the Messages app, find the conversation containing the message you want to delete, and follow a few quick steps.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete Text Message on iPhone

Deleting a text message on your iPhone is a straightforward process that involves a few taps. Here’s what you’ll be doing in the steps that follow.

Step 1: Open the Messages App

Open the Messages app on your iPhone.

The Messages app is where all your conversations are stored. It’s the green icon with a white speech bubble, usually found on your home screen.

Step 2: Find the Conversation

Scroll through your conversations and tap on the one that contains the message you want to delete.

Remember, once you delete a message, it’s gone for good. So make sure you’ve selected the correct conversation.

Step 3: Press and Hold the Message

Press and hold on the specific message you want to delete until a menu pops up.

This menu gives you several options, such as copying the text or sending a reaction. Look for the option to delete the message.

Step 4: Tap on ‘More…’

Tap on ‘More…’ from the menu that appears after you press and hold the message.

This will allow you to select multiple messages if you want to delete more than one.

Step 5: Select the Message

A circle will appear next to each message. Tap the circle next to the message you want to delete so that a blue checkmark appears.

You can select multiple messages at this stage if you wish to delete several at once.

Step 6: Tap on the Trash Can Icon

After selecting the message, tap on the trash can icon in the bottom-left corner.

This is the final step in the deletion process. Once you tap the trash can icon, the message will be deleted.

After completing these steps, the text message will be permanently deleted from your iPhone. There’s no need to worry about it cluttering up your Messages app any longer. It’s a clean and simple process that keeps your conversations organized and free of unnecessary messages.

Tips: How to Delete Text Message on iPhone

  • Always make sure you’re deleting the correct message, as there’s no way to retrieve it once it’s gone.
  • If you want to delete an entire conversation, you can swipe left on the conversation and tap ‘Delete’.
  • Deleting messages can help free up storage space on your iPhone.
  • If you’ve accidentally deleted a message, you may be able to recover it from an iCloud or iTunes backup.
  • Remember to regularly back up your iPhone to preserve important messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete multiple messages at once?

You can delete multiple messages by using the ‘More…’ option and selecting each message you want to delete before tapping the trash can icon.

Can I recover a deleted message?

Once a message is deleted, it cannot be recovered unless you have a recent backup that includes the deleted message.

Does deleting messages free up space on my iPhone?

Yes, deleting messages, especially those with attachments, can help free up storage space on your iPhone.

Can I delete messages from both sides of a conversation?

No, deleting a message only removes it from your device. The recipient will still have a copy unless they also choose to delete it.

Is there a way to automatically delete old messages?

Yes, you can enable the auto-delete feature in the Messages settings to automatically delete messages after a certain period.


  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select the conversation.
  3. Press and hold the message.
  4. Tap ‘More…’.
  5. Choose the message(s).
  6. Tap the trash can icon.


Deleting text messages on an iPhone is a task that we often need to do, whether for privacy reasons, to declutter our message list, or simply to free up some storage space. With iOS 17, the process is intuitive and quick. Just a few taps and the message is gone forever. However, it’s important to make sure you really want to delete the message – there’s no going back once it’s done! Regularly backing up your iPhone ensures that you won’t lose anything important, and using iCloud or iTunes can simplify this process. Deleting text messages might seem like a small part of managing your digital life, but it’s an important one. Keep these tips and steps in mind, and you’ll have no trouble keeping your message list tidy and organized.