IOS 17: How to Block Pop-Ups in Chrome on iPhone

Are you tired of being interrupted by pesky pop-ups while browsing on your iPhone? Worry not! Blocking pop-ups in Chrome on your iPhone is quick and easy. By following a few simple steps, you can browse in peace without the annoyance of pop-up ads. Let’s dive into how you can achieve this on iOS 17.

Step by Step Tutorial: Block Pop-Ups in Chrome on iPhone

Before we start, it’s important to know that blocking pop-ups in Chrome on your iPhone will enhance your browsing experience by preventing unwanted ads and potential malware from popping up on your screen.

Step 1: Open Chrome on your iPhone

Launch the Chrome app from your home screen by tapping on its icon.

Chrome is usually found on the home screen, but if you can’t find it, swipe down from the middle of the screen to access the search function and type in "Chrome."

Step 2: Go to Chrome settings

Tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the screen to open the menu, then select "Settings."

The settings menu is where you can customize your Chrome browsing experience, including privacy and security options.

Step 3: Navigate to Content Settings

In the settings menu, scroll down and tap on "Content Settings."

Content Settings is where you can manage what content is allowed to appear on the websites you visit.

Step 4: Turn on Block Pop-ups

Toggle the "Block Pop-ups" option until it turns blue, indicating that it’s on.

By enabling this feature, Chrome will automatically block any pop-ups from appearing on your screen.

After completing these steps, you should no longer encounter pop-ups while browsing in Chrome on your iPhone. However, keep in mind that some websites use pop-ups for legitimate purposes, such as login screens or information forms. If you find that a website you trust is being affected by the pop-up blocker, you can always temporarily disable it for that specific site.

Tips for Blocking Pop-ups in Chrome on iPhone

  • Always keep your Chrome app updated to the latest version for the best performance and security.
  • If a pop-up manages to bypass the blocker, avoid tapping on it. Instead, close the tab or report it as spam.
  • Some websites may ask you to disable your pop-up blocker to access certain content. Only do this if you trust the website.
  • Regularly clear your browsing data to maintain your privacy and reduce the chances of encountering pop-ups.
  • Consider using other browsing safety features in Chrome, such as Safe Browsing, to enhance your online security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I allow pop-ups for specific websites?

Yes, you can allow pop-ups for specific websites by visiting the site, tapping the lock icon in the address bar, and selecting "Site Settings." From there, you can customize the pop-up settings for that particular website.

Will blocking pop-ups also block ads?

Blocking pop-ups will mainly prevent full-screen ads from appearing. However, standard ads embedded on webpages may still be present.

What should I do if I still see pop-ups after enabling the blocker?

If pop-ups persist, make sure your Chrome app is up to date. If the issue continues, try clearing your browsing data or check for any suspicious apps on your iPhone that may be causing the pop-ups.

Can pop-ups cause harm to my iPhone?

Pop-ups themselves are usually just annoying, but they can sometimes be used to spread malware. It’s always best to block them to avoid any potential risks.

How do I update my Chrome app to the latest version?

Visit the App Store, tap on your profile icon, and scroll to see if there’s an update available for Chrome. If there is, tap "Update" next to the app’s name.


  1. Open Chrome on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Chrome settings.
  3. Navigate to Content Settings.
  4. Turn on Block Pop-ups.


In conclusion, blocking pop-ups in Chrome on your iPhone is a straightforward process that can significantly improve your online experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can protect yourself from annoying interruptions and potential security threats. Remember, keeping your apps updated and being cautious about the websites you visit will go a long way in ensuring a safe and smooth browsing experience. So, go ahead and enjoy a pop-up-free Chrome on your iPhone, and say goodbye to those pesky ads for good!